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Online Demo
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The Manual
Here you can use our extensive manual to guide you through each feature: View our online manual

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Prepaid Support
For customers needing help to create specific reports we offer a personal support service at modest cost:

A) Prepaid Support Units (15 minutes each)

2 units:   100 Euro/110 US$
5 units:   200 Euro/220 US$
<10 units: 350 Euro/380 US$

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B) Support agreement. Please contact us for a personal support agreement.



Have a larger project? Our consultancy department can take care of you. 


OfficeReports contains a massive number of advanced features enabling you to create highly professional reports very efficiently. Your own custom workshop will focus on creating the reports you need to create. Read more here.


If you do not have time to do the reporting yourself, or if you only have to do a report once in a while and do not want to learn a new solution, we can do the job for you. Read more here.


If you run into problems or have any questions, please contact us for free personal support. Let us help you!