• Link an Excel range to a native PowerPoint Table, Chart or Shape
  • Links the content of the range
  • Optionally, link the font and/or the background color
  • Automatically use logos instead of texts
  • Use icons instead of background colors
  • Use significance characters from a cell
  • 'Sticky' colors
  • Spread over multiple slides
  • Link a variable number of rows/columns
  • Update all links in the presentation
  • Update all links on a slide


  • Import Excel data
  • Import SPSS data
  • Import TripleS data
  • Connect to SurveyMonkey Survey
  • Connect to SurveyGizmo Survey
  • Import multiple datasets
  • Merge datasets


  • Category variables
  • Numeric variables
  • Date variables
  • Text variables
  • Aggregate Variables
  • Assign a Value to categories (for mean calculation etc.)
  • Group Variables
  • Derived Variables: Create intervals, combine categories using and/or/not etc.
  • Advanced Formula Editor

Data View

  • View data in a grid (like Excel)
  • Edit data
  • Filter data for better overview
  • Sort data for better overview
  • Export raw data to Excel
  • Export raw data to SPSS




  • Observations, Percent or both
  • Grid tables with observations, percent and mean
  • Base, Total, Mean and Std. deviation
  • Std. Error, Median, Minimum and Maximum
  • Filtering
  • Weighting
  • Pearson Correlation
  • T-Test (Student or Welch)
  • Z-test
  • Significance tests using unweighted base or effective base
  • Benchmarking
  • Ignore report filter
  • NPS
  • NET categories
  • Top/Bottom N reporting
  • Customizable layout (see Layout)
  • Tables are interactive!


  • Observations, Percent
  • Base, Total, Mean and Std. deviation
  • Gridcharts with observations, percent or mean
  • Benchmarking
  • Filtering
  • Same statistics as Tables
  • Ignore report filter
  • Weighting
  • Top/Bottom N reporting
  • Chart are interactive!


  • Define your own table and chart types
  • For tables: define lines, colors and fonts
  • For charts: use Excel chart templates
  • Use Macros (can also change content of table/chart!)


  • Just email the files to colleagues. It will work.

Reuse the report definition

Reuse the report definition
  • Define a report filter
  • Generate many reports using different filters
  • Save report as a template

Advanced Statistics

Advanced Statistics
  • Define benchmark variables
  • Calculate respondent weights. OfficeReports uses RIM weighting, and can weight over many dimensions
  • Weight tables/charts using weights calculated by OfficeReports or a numeric variable
  • Create frequency tables with confidence interval
  • Chi Square
  • Student's Z-Test (Column Proportions)
  • Welch's Z-Test (Column Proportions)
  • T-Test (Column Means)
  • Test using effective base or unweighted base
  • Correlation


  • Insert many tables and charts in one step
  • Create new table/chart using settings from the last defined one
  • Just Copy and Paste a table/chart and edit it.
  • Reuse the report (See above)