Analytics Analytics Pro Automation
  Analytics Analytics Pro Automation
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Free Support      
• Online Help, Videos
• Free Support
PowerPoint Report Automation      
• Link Excel ranges to native PowerPoint Tables, Charts and Shapes     see below
• Import data from SPSS, Excel, CSV and Triple-S
• Connector to SurveyMonkey and SurveyGizmo
• Import multiple datasets
• Merge datasets
• Maximum number of cases 100.000 unlimited unlimited
• Maximum number of variables 2.500 unlimited unlimited
• Category, Numeric, Date and Text Variables
• Create Group Variables (multiple variables)
• Merge Variables and Categories
• Recode Variables: From Numeric Variables to Intervals
• Recode Variables: From Numeric Variables to NPS

• Recode Variables: From Date Variables to Periods
• Recode Variables: Advanced Formula Editor
• Convert Text Variables to Category Variables
• Convert Category Variables to Text Variables
• Aggregate Variables
• Search & replace text
Data View      
• View data in a grid (like Excel)
• Edit data
• Filter or sort data
• Export raw data to Excel
Interactive Tables and Charts
• Unlimited number of Banner points
• Cell contents are numeric summary of Numerical Variable
• Nested tables - 2 level banner tables
• Observations, Percentages
• Percentages calculated per Row, Column or Total
• Grid tables containing Percentages, Top/Bottom boxes or Mean
• Base, Total, Mean, Std. deviation and Std. error
• Median, Minimum, Maximum
• Sort Rows and Columns
• Sort Like (another table or range)  
• Mark categories that should not be sorted
• Basic Filtering
• Advanced Filtering
• Significance tests
• Top/Bottom N reporting
• Weighting
• Benchmarking
• Hide Rows and Columns based on the base
• Low Base notification: 2 levels by optional characters
• Ignore Report Filter  
• Use OfficeReports Standard Layouts
• Localize texts for Total, Base, Mean, Median etc.
• Customize Table Layouts  
Advanced Statistics      
• Weight tables/charts using weights calculated by OfficeReports or an imported numeric variable
• Create frequency tables with confidence interval
• Chi Square
• Z-Test (Column Proportions)
• Student's T-Test (Column Means)
• Welch's T-Test (Column Means)  
• T-Test/Z-Test using unweighted base or effective base
• Define which columns should be tested
• Testing columns pairwise: Show significance as font- or background-color
• Correlation  
• Define Benchmarks
• Calculate respondent weights. OfficeReports uses RIM weighting, and can weight over many dimensions
• Report Builder

• Insert many tables and charts in one step
• Copy and Paste table/chart and edit it
• Copy worksheet incl tables and charts
• Copy slides and auto link to other worksheets

• Summary Report
• Cross-Tables Report
• Repetitive Reports - Generate many reports using different filters  
• Define Report filter
• Define Worksheet filters
• Save report as a template  
• Just email the files to colleagues
Use Macros      
• MS Office VBA-Macro Integration  
PowerPoint Report Automation      
• Report Builder

• Link Excel ranges to native PowerPoint Tables, Charts and Shapes    
• Link the content of the range    
• Link font and background colors    
• Link background color as an icon (e.g. arrows up/down)    
• Automatically use logos instead of texts    
• 'Sticky' colors (same brand, same color - even when sorted)    
• Automatic labeling for XY-charts, directly in the chart or in a table on the side    
• Use chart types 'Funnel', 'Diverging Bar', 'Quadrant', 'Vertical Line', 'Mekko'    
• Link to 'dynamic range' (=variable number of rows/columns)    
• Update all links in a slide or in the whole presentation    
• Repetitive Reports (update and save the presentation for each of the selected Excel workbooks)    
• Assign a VBA-macro to the link