OfficeReports is a reporting tool build in into Microsoft Office. When presenting your survey results in Powerpoint, OfficeReports is a less expensive and yet much more powerful Alternative to E-Tabs. Besides creating reusable PowerPoint presentations and Word documents, OfficeReports also is a complete data analysis and statistical testing package.

Why should you use OfficeReports instead of E-Tabs?

  1. OfficeReports is fully integrated as a plug-in in PowerPoint and Excel
  2. With OfficeReports, you can embed and work with raw survey data directly into Excel and PowerPoint, E-Tabs only works with tabulated data
  3. OfficeReports supports SPSS, Excel, CSV, Triple-S and SurveyMonkey data files
  4. You can create derived variables using OfficeReports
  5. You can create your own tables and charts using OfficeReports
  6. You can create your own custom layout definitions for both crosstabs and charts in OfficeReports
  7. You can edit the imported data in OfficeReports
  8. OfficeReports performs statistical significance tests in your crosstabs and charts based on raw data
  9. OfficeReports is less expensive than E-Tabs and provides more functionality

You can try OfficeReports for free. Just download OfficeReports, and get a free 14-day trial period.

Or read more about OfficeReports here.