OfficeReports: A Cross-tab Tool for Microsoft Office®

OfficeReports is an analytical reporting plug-in for Microsoft Office that adds powerful cross-tab and reporting functionality to Excel and PowerPoint.  If you report survey data in PowerPoint, OfficeReports is an obvious choice,  which shortcut the process from survey data to final reports in Microsoft Office.

OfficeReports adds a menu in Excel and PowerPoint, that enables you to analyze data and create cross-tabs, banner tables and charts in your reports. OfficeReports automates data analysis and the production of reports in Microsoft Office. Read more about OfficeReports here.

With OfficeReports you can import your data in Microsoft Excel®and PowerPoint® and create tables and charts. OfficeReports can import the following data formats:






Other Tools

For all other tools: If possible export your data to SPSS or Triple-S. If that is not possible, export your data to Excel. Then, from the OfficeReports menu in Excel or PowerPoint, import the data file, and start creating cross-tabs, banner tables and charts in Excel and PowerPoint!