SurveyMonkey Data Analysis

The survey data reporting tool OfficeReports is an integrated part of Microsoft Office, adding a complete crosstab tool to Excel for market research data reporting. Using the OfficeReports ribbon-tab, you can analyze your SurveyMonkey data directly in Excel and create banner tables, charts and reports. If you are planning to create a PowerPoint presentation, OfficeReports Automation can do the job.

Using OfficeReports you can connect directly to your SurveyMonkey account, get data from a specific survey and start creating your survey report. At any time you can reconnect to your survey to update the reports with new interviews. OfficeReports will update all existing tables and charts with the new data. This means it is no longer necessary to wait until the survey is finished before you can start writing your report. This video shows you how you can report data from SurveyMonkey. 

The OfficeReports ribbon tab in Excel
The OfficeReports ribbon tab in Excel


You can do all your survey analytics using OfficeReports. From recoding variables to significance test on 2 levels at the same time. Large market research companies use OfficeReports (read the case study), but OfficeReports is agile and affordable enough for all sizes of companies. 

PowerPoint Reports

OfficeReports is integrated with PowerPoint as well.

When creating tables in Reporting Mode, OfficeReports will show significant difference as a background color in Excel, and OfficeReports in PowerPoint will automatically change the background color into e.g. an arrow or a circle to show the significant difference (see picture).