The OfficeReports ribbon tab in Excel
The OfficeReports ribbon tab in Excel

The Data Editor

Just like in SPSS, our Data Editor consists of a Variable View and a Data View. Unlike in SPSS our user-interface does not look like it is 20 years old, and contains a lot of smart functionality for fast recoding of the variables, without the need of syntax files. OfficeReports will merge and group of variables and categories, create periods from dates and intervals from numeric variables automatically. You can create new variables manually as well and use our formula editor to create what you need.

By selecting just a few variables in the Variable View, the Data View will only show the selected variables. This really helps when you need to check if your recodes are correct.

Creating Cross-Tabs

OfficeReports has a lot of features to make fast table creation possible. By setting the right report setting and the right 'table default settings' for specific variables, you can enable OfficeReports to create the right tables immediately, without needing to change settings. Combined with functionality like 'Insert Many Tables' and 'Create Crosstab Report' you are able to create large reports in minutes.

Tables are created directly in Excel, and can be edited using our 'Table Pane', which contains all the properties of the table.

You can define your own layouts so tables look the way you want.