OfficeReports can import *.sav files. These files contain both a definition of the data structure and the data itself. After importing a 'sav' file, you can immediately start creating tables and charts, without having to use SPSS's own tools.

Complement SPSS with OfficeReports

SPSS has features for creating advanced variables (e.g. for cluster analysis). These new variables will become a part of the '.sav' file, and will be available for use in OfficeReports.

OfficeReports complements SPSS. Many researchers use SPSS to create variables and tables; then they copy the tables to Excel and use macros to create tables and charts in PowerPoint. OfficeReports automates this process. Now you can add raw data from SPPS to Excel or PowerPoint and from the OfficeReports menu in Excel and PowerPoint create tables and charts without any use of external statistical or cross-tab tool. This simplifies the report production.