If you cannot get your data in SPSS or Triple-S format, you can use data in Excel format. The disadvantage of Excel data is that the data file does not contain a definition of the data. A column (variable) containing data (categories) like "Bad" and "Very good" will be imported in the order the different values are found. This means the categories for this variable will need to be sorted. OfficeReports will try to do this automatically, and has functionality to do this manually for many variables at once. OfficeReports adds a 'meta-data' layer to the Excel file. Besides ordering the data, the content of a cell can now be both text and a numeric value. Very useful when you need to calculate a mean from different scale values.

Expected data format

OfficeReports expects the following format for Excel files to be used: Row 1 has to contain a variable name. The following rows contain the data. In case the file contains answers to multiple choice questions, then these will be imported as multiple variables. OfficeReports contains a function to automatically 'group' variables into a 'multiple' variable.