Analyze and report Confirmit data in Excel and PowerPoint

OfficeReports simplifies the process from survey data in Confirmit to final reports! Create all relevant cross-tabs and banner tables in Excel and link it to any type of object in PowerPoint. Add new data or filter your data, and your reports gets updated automatically!

  1. Export data from Confirmit in SPSS format
  2. In Excel or PowerPoint, select the OfficeReports menu
  3. Click "Add Data", and select the file exported from Confirmit
  4. OfficeReports will embed the data in your Excel workbook or PowerPoint presentation.
  5. Create cross-tabs and banner tables in Excel including stat-testning, weighting of data etc.
  6. Link the output to tables, charts and shapes in PowerPoint

Add new data or filters and your Excel and PowerPoint reports gets updated automatically!

Report Confirmit Surveys in Excel and PowerPoint

OfficeReports is an addin for Excel and PowerPoint, adding all the reporting functionality a resaercher needs. OfficeReports Analytics is a ribbon-tab in Excel containing similar crosstab functionality like SPSS Survey Reporter, Wincross and MarketSight, and OfficeReports InfoGraphics is a ribbon-tab in PowerPoint containing functionality to visualize the aggregated data from Excel in Powerpoint tables, charts and shapes.


From Confirmit, you can export your data to an SPSS 'sav' file, which is the perfect input for OfficeReports. Please click the buttons below to learn more about OfficeReports!