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Data Visualization in PowerPoint

Once you have prepared your Excel data and are ready to visualize the results in PowerPoint, you run into a lot of limitations and tedious manual tasks to get the job done. Often, this means that reports are full of errors and don’t fulfill today’s need for quick turnarounds.

OfficeReports Presento solves these problems by seamlessly adding needed functionality to PowerPoint, all easily accessible with an integrated ribbon tab and a 'Workbook Pane'. This 'Workbook Pane' is Excel compatible and supports formulas and conditional formatting. From this 'Workbook Pane' you can populate charts, tables and shapes in just a few clicks. Besides populating the values, you can also populate the background color from the Excel range, or translate these background colors into arrows on your slide.

With OfficeReports Presento you can:

  • Link data from Excel ranges to charts, tables and shapes
  • Conditional Formatting: display background colors in Excel in the PowerPoint table
  • Conditional Formatting: translate background colors in Excel into - for example - arrows in PowerPoint
  • Convert text to images, such as logos
  • Automatically add new chart types that are difficult to create in PowerPoint alone
  • Easily create templates while working natively in PowerPoint with the OfficeReports integration, and keep these templates up-to-date automatically

Some of our happy customers

Experienced survey researchers that switch to OfficeReports are reporting five- to ten-fold time-savings when producing charts and tables, compared with using other tools.

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