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What about “internal audiences”? Market research report automation for employee engagement

There has been a vast amount of talk, especially lately, about keeping up with consumers through better, faster insights. Market research companies are turning around lightning fast findings as consumer behaviors and attitudes change from week to week, and brands are scrambling to keep up with the right communications, messages, products and services to meet audience needs.


But, as a recent webinar from tlf research brought up, there is one critical audience that needs a closer look: internal audiences. The webinar covers how vital the internal customer experience is and views this as the “most underutilized piece of research” out there. Most organizations have internal metrics that are being tracked, but perhaps are not being used to their full potential or aren’t being measured in a way that can ultimately benefit employees. Report automation can help.


Understanding the pain points, actions and sentiment of your employees can actually help to optimize workflow, processes and morale. This in turn can benefit your customers as teams become more cohesive and processes are streamlined from an internal perspective. The truth is that employees can be a company’s biggest champions and spokespeople, so keeping their satisfaction and engagement top of mind benefits all involved.


Some good points to keep in mind:

  • Happy employees are the first step for meeting goals: Most brands are seeking loyalty and satisfaction from customers. In the webinar, the speaker clarifies that when your employees are loyal, committed and satisfied themselves, it actually is a first step toward desired customer behavior and attitudes. Focusing on employees first and foremost can ultimately be the first steps toward company profit, everyone’s ultimate goal.

  • Consumers care about how employees are doing: Many studies over the past few months have asked consumers directly about what they want to see brands doing during these turbulent times. According to a recent study by AMC Global, 82% of consumers want to hear that brands and companies are adequately handling employee needs and 89% are protecting and keeping employees safe. It just makes sense to “take the pulse” of internal audiences to help build that bridge between employee and customer audiences.


At Office Reports, we’ve worked with many clients to make it easy to uncover internal metrics and automate reporting processes. Our simple, automated approach to data analytics and survey reporting make it easy for human resources departments or management teams to uncover insights about internal audiences. With our seamless integration into Microsoft Office, used by most top companies, there is no major onboarding or technology learning curve. Leadership can start to put important employee feedback to work right away using report automation and uncover success from the inside out.


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