Reporting in Excel and PowerPoint

PowerPoint can be even simpler

In a world of market research and insight, PowerPoint is an important and indispensable tool used by most researchers to present their data and results. Although online reports and dashboards play a role, PowerPoint is clearly the king when it comes to reporting survey data. As readers, we expect well-thought-out report design and selection of tables, graphs, icons, colours, images, text, a clear and distinct communication of results.

Extracting results from crosstabs in Excel and translating them into well-communicating infographics in PowerPoint is all too often a manually handled process that is tedious, expensive and, above all, fraught with error. Copying and pasting their results from Excel into PowerPoint is possibly the most time-consuming part of any research assignment. These crosstab reports that we use still have the same look they did 30 years ago. Our computers and phones have all been upgraded since the 90s, so why haven’t these crosstab reports? These reports are so tedious and strenuous to work through, with reporting teams needing to pick the correct data from huge tables and adding then to PowerPoint; it’s long, expensive and the chance of errors are increasing constantly with a ton of checks needed. It’s not necessary, as we can now automate so much of the reporting process.

This is where OfficeReports comes in.

Although PowerPoint is a simple tool, with OfficeReports, we can truly unlock its full potential. Wasting time will be a thing of the past. Efficiency will increase, speed will increase, deliverables will be arrived at faster. All this means more business, operating at speeds not reached before and overall improving the work you do. Providing you with PowerPoint presentations with easy to create icons, images, dynamic colours & texts, and new creative infographics to be implemented.

OfficeReports tools can reduce your reporting turnaround times by 60-70%. If something once took you up to two weeks to complete, OfficeReports gives you the possibility to complete that in 2-3 days with far fewer manual steps. This reduction in time spent creating reports for your survey means more time can be spent on the next project, and the next project until you and your business are creating reports quicker than you can create surveys. It’s not about making researchers and reporting teams jobs redundant, but all about making them better at the job they are doing. Providing them with new tools to make them better researchers.

OfficeReports’ Intelligo tool is a solution which allows users access to Microsoft Excel directly inside PowerPoint, there is no need to open Excel in a separate window allowing all data to be seen in a single work-pane having an easy, window open and all data implemented for creating charts, graphs, and tables. There is no need to go back and forth between different windows, appliances, and software, which adds seconds, minutes, hours, and days to your reporting process.

The data from excel sheets is directly implemented into the PowerPoint window and data selection is done quickly and easily. If you need to go back and change your data, then the graphs, charts and other visuals are automatically updated. Using our single-step process, multiple slides with varying degrees of information can also be created at once. There is to be no more creating slides and adding data for each slide, this can be done with speed & simplicity in one sitting.

OfficeReports allows for the implementation of large datasets and the importing of SPSS data fluidly. For the modern market researcher and research teams who aim to be more agile, OfficeReports Intelligo is a tool that shouldn’t be overlooked. Just take a look at these statements from OfficeReports users:


Torben Laustsen

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