Reporting in Excel and PowerPoint

Join us at Succeet 2021 to talk about simplifying your data reporting workflow

Rising from the ashes of a year that has changed the market research conference landscape for good, Succeet 2021 (Meet and Succeed) is a new future-oriented event connecting those in insights, data and analytics. The new format starts out online next month, with a live event planned for October. We are excited to be participating in both. 


In April, Succeet is “displaying” the digitalization that’s happening all over the world in its virtual exhibit hall format. Eighty plus exhibitors will be hosting online stands on the Succeet website and you can pick up flyers, watch videos and more by visiting. Our booth will be ready for visitors soon! Just go to the exhibitor page on the Succeet website and click on our logo during the show (14-16 April). You will be one of the first to see our brand-new video about how you can build more efficiencies into your data reporting. 


Please register (it’s free!) to join our co-founder and CEO Torben Laustsen on 15 April at 3:40 CEST (Munich)/ 9:40 EDT (New York) to talk about how to speed up your processes from data to deliverables. He’ll show you just how easy it is to simplify your workflow and quickly create the data reporting slides that you need - all right inside PowerPoint. 


Session description: More than 60% of all surveys are reported in PowerPoint! Yet, the workflow to get to final deliverables can be full of time-consuming manual steps, and riddled with opportunities for error. There is a better way: the OfficeReports solution integrates directly into PowerPoint to automate workflows from raw survey data or Excel crosstabs all the way to final data delivery and visualization. And the slides automatically update when your data does.

We know that conferences have an important role to play for people to exchange information and make connections. As the Succeet founders say “Unfortunately, the Corona crisis has shown us our limitations in this respect and has made the economically necessary opportunities for meeting and presentation very limited or impossible.” Participating in a virtual conference like Succeet this April is the next best thing, and we hope we will *see* you there. 


It’s easy to register - just click here:



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