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Reporting in Excel and PowerPoint

Logos and icons in PowerPoint

In this blog post we will show you how you automatically can show icons and logos when linking a table, chart or shape to a range in Excel. If you are not familiar with OfficeReports Link yet, please have a look at this short video first:

  Besides the 'ordinary' linking functionality, OfficeReports has functionality to replace certain texts from Excel with logos in PowerPoint, and certain background colors from Excel with icons in PowerPoint. Please have a look at this SlideShare presentation showing how to do this:

  An important tip to make this work: To get the logos close to the numbers, make the first column of the table in PowerPoint small. Make sure the texts are not on two lines, making some rows higher than others. If this happens, adjust the font size for the first column of the table, so all cells have equal size in the columns. The icons can be any image file, so it is also possible to show e.g. smileys depending on a specific background color. Thank you for your time, I hope the presentation made clear what OfficeReports can do when you need to show logos and icons. In case you have any questions or remarks, please leave a comment below!    


Fred Balkenende