Reporting in Excel and PowerPoint

Fast access to easily updated data more important than ever

“The spread of COVID-19 has brought numbers, statistics and charts to the forefront of the daily lives of millions of people.” - World Economic Forum

If you’re anything like us, you are checking the data surrounding the recent pandemic fairly frequently. People like being able to visually see the charts and graphs indicating impact of the crisis, from the spread of the disease all the way to its effect on various industries, behaviors and workplaces.


In this new reality, it is easy to see the benefit of fast access to regularly updated data and insights. If you are part of a company or organization being impacted, there are likely key data points you are interested in tracking in relation to your business. Many market research firms are stepping up to the plate to track important data for their clients. ESOMAR is collecting these reports in one centralized location, as is the MRS here: Women in Research (WIRe) has also pulled together a list of resources for the market research industry here:


If you are looking for a fast way to process data that applies to your business, with tools that require little to no learning curve, there has never been a better - or more important - time. Keeping track of insights that will help you make important decisions during a time of great change is vital. A misstep in messaging, communication, product development and more can be disastrous while consumer emotions are at an all-time high and sentiment and behavior are changing daily.


OfficeReport’s solution integrates directly with programs you already have on your work-from-home computer: Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint. Our user interface consists of ribbon tabs and panels, allowing access to ALL the functionality of Microsoft Office as an integrated part of the reporting. No other tool gives you this advantage! Plus, you can download it for free to try it out, analyze your data quickly and produce shareable reports. This is your perfect “stay-at-home” career development move!


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