Logos and Pictures

When linking a PowerPoint table, chart or shape to a data range in a worksheet, you get the option to 'Use Logos/Icons'. When using this option OfficeReports will replace texts with images. In the above example texts like e.g. Twitter and UK have been replaced by images with the same name.

OfficeReports will look for shapes in the presentation and image files in specific folders which have the same name as the text in this order:

1. A shape on the current slide

2. A shape on slide 1

3. An image file in the 'Project Image Folder'

4. An image file in the 'Common Image Folder'


The Image Folders can be defined by clicking “Logos and Pictures” in the OfficeReports ribbon tab in PowerPoint. In case you use image files, the name should still contain the file extension like e.g. 'Twitter.jpg'

Important: When using Logos/Icons in charts, OfficeReports will automatically display axis-texts in a PowerPoint table instead of in the chart.

Size to fit

When using size to fit, OfficeReports will resize the images so they fit into the table cell.