Tables and Charts

You can create Tables and Charts using the 'Table' and 'Chart' menu buttons in the OfficeReports ribbon tab. Tables and charts are created in a similar way, and since we prefer creating tables and then link the results to charts in PowerPoint, we will describe the process of creating and editing for Tables only.

Note: Generally, you should use 'Grid Tables' when you are reporting multiple variables at the same time. In case you are concentrating on a specific variable, create a regular table. Below you can see the difference:


Here an example of a 'Grid-Table':


Note: Depending on the 'Mode' you have selected, you will get a table in either the Default Analytics Layout or in the default Reporting Layout. These defaults are defined in 'Layout->Defaults for this Report'. Click here to read more about the difference between Analytics and Reporting Layout.

Here an example of a regular table in 'Analytics' Layout:


Click below to see some more tables you can create using OfficeReports: