Significance Shapes in PowerPoint

The shapes we use for showing significant difference in PowerPoint tables and charts are defined as hidden shapes on slide 1 of the presentation and are named 'SigHigh' and 'SigLow'. In case you show significance at 2 levels, the shapes for the second level are named 'SigHigh2' and 'SigLow2'. In case a cell in Excel has a background color matching the color defined in the 'Icons/Images' window. For Significance icons' the colors are defined in the 'General Layout Definitions' so they automatically match the background colors used in Excel, but you can add other icons and colors here:


When you select slide 1 and open the 'Selection Pane' (shortcut Alt-F10) you can see the 'hidden' shapes (click the 'small line/eye' to toggle visibility):

You can use any shape you like. In case you use arrows, you do not want the shape positioned on top of the number, but you want it moved to the right a bit. In the 'Alternative Text' (right-click the shape and select "Edit Alt-Text") of the shape you can define a text "<right offset>;<top offset>" so the icon is positioned correctly at once: