Link an Excel Workbook to a PowerPoint Presentation

When clicking the OfficeReports ribbon tab in PowerPoint, you will see the following window in case you have not linked a workbook yet:


Fill out the fields and click 'Link the workbook to this presentation' and you are ready. In case you click 'No thanks, not now', you can link a workbook later from the 'Data' menu.

Note: OfficeReports will open the workbook when necessary. In case you already have opened the workbook yourself, OfficeReports will ask you to close the workbook before continuing. OfficeReports can only access the workbook, when OfficeReports has opened the file.


Show Workbook

If the presentation is already linked to a workbook, you need to click Clicking ‘Show Workbook’ before you can use OfficeReports functionality.

Change Data

Say that an existing PowerPoint presentation linked to workbook with data covering Q1 2017. Assume that we now instead want to link the presentation to a new similar workbook covering Q2 2017.

Click ‘Change Data’ in the OfficeReports menu, and OfficeReports will ask whether we should reuse formulas and formatting from the current linked workbook.

If we answer ‘Yes’, OfficeReports will copy all values from the selected workbook into the already linked workbook:


Remove Link

Clicking ‘Remove Link’ will remove the connection to the Excel Workbook.