OfficeReports is an add-in for Microsoft Office®, which turns Microsoft Office into a complete data analysis and reporting suite for survey data. The different editions of OfficeReports:

OfficeReports Presento Data visualization in PowerPoint using tables created by OfficeReports or any other tabulation tool.

OfficeReports Calculo Enables you to create tables, charts and complete reports from your raw survey data in Excel.

OfficeReports Intelligo Includes both Presento and Calculo and handles large datasets. All your work is reusable, making Intelligo a perfect report automation tool for mass-generation of reports and for reporting tracking surveys.


This is what the OfficeReports ribbon tab in PowerPoint looks like:

OfficeReports Ribbon Tab in PowerPoint


What makes OfficeReports different from other crosstab- and reporting tools?

1. OfficeReports is an integrated part of Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint

This gives access to ALL the functionality of Microsoft Office as an integrated part of the reporting. No other tool can give you this advantage. You can e.g. use it to add conditional formatting to your tables (heatmaps) in Excel or to add animations to your PowerPoint report. The animations will still work after updating the report with new data.

2. OfficeReports is both Data Analysis AND Reporting

Most survey reports end up in PowerPoint, and OfficeReports is the only tool created to do both analysis and reporting.

3. Productivity: Fast creation of Tables

By defining 'table default settings' for variables it is possible to create e.g. a sorted table with a Z-Test comparing all columns to the first column without having to make any setting, saving lot's of time. Using 'Add Many Tables' lots of tables can be created at once.

4. Productivity: Fast creation of Slides

OfficeReports Intelligo can copy slides multiple times either by different filters or different variables while maintaining the original layout 100%. If you need a specific slide for e.g. 30 variables, OfficeReports will automatically create the other 29 slides after you have finished the first one. Read more.

5. Advanced: The Filtering System

Using OfficeReports it is possible to define multiple filters on different levels: the report level, the category level (table column) and the table level . Besides settings these filters, they can be ignored as well on the other levels. This way we can add benchmarks to tables and can make tables ready for mass-generation of reports. Read more here.

6. Tracking Survey reporting

Using the filtering system described above combined with the ability to link a variable number of rows and columns to PowerPoint Tables and Charts, we have the perfect tool for report automation. Once the automated report template is created, we can update the reports with data from the next wave in minutes. Read more here.

7. Repetitive Reports

When we have created the automated report template, we can mass-generate reports using a different filter for each report. Read more here to generate the workbooks we need, and here to see how to mass-generated presentations from these workbooks.

8. Data visualization using crosstabs from other tools

OfficeReports Presento can create sortable tables showing significance using colors from your standard crosstabs, making it easy to populate PowerPoint tables, charts and shapes and automatically place significance shapes (like arrows). Read more.


Our support is FREE!

Our support is free, so don't hesitate to contact us in case you have any questions! Click 'Help -> Free Support' in our ribbon tab and use the live chat or book an online support meeting.


Happy reporting!

The OfficeReports Team, 2021