General Layout Definitions

When clicking 'General Layout Definitions’, OfficeReports will open a new workbook where you can design your own table layout. This covers all from defining color and font settings for table types and row and column size together with some more optional settings. Mainly there are 3 different kind of Table Layouts in OfficeReports: Analytics, Compact Analytics and Reporting. Click here to read more about the difference.

Defining Analytics & Reporting Table Layouts

You can add new layouts by clicking either 'Add', 'Copy' or 'Import' and from there you can change the settings in a what-you-see-is-what-you-get user interface. Read more about defining Table Layout Settings.


Standard Texts

Here you can customize the texts used in tables:




Here you define your default Analytics Table Layout and your default Reporting Table Layout. If you want to overrule the defaults for a specific report, just change the values in 'Defaults for this Report'. You also have to define the significance colors here.


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