Our Example Data set

The manual repeatedly refers to an example data set which is used for most of the examples throughout the manual.

The data set covers dummy data from an Employee Satisfaction Survey conducted and contains:

  • A number of ordinal scale questions containing categories from ‘strongly disagree’ to ‘strongly agree’
  • A number of nominal scale questions like ‘Gender’, ‘Department’, and ‘Team’, each containing a number of categories.
  • A number of numeric questions like ‘Age’ and ‘Working hours’, containing numerical data.
  • Open ended questions containing open ended text
  • Date variable


Throughout the manual, we will strive to relate closely to the example data and the many practical issues which pop up when analyzing and reporting this type of data. In general, we will always try to relate to the researchers situation and keep the manual as non-technical as possible.

The example data set can be downloaded from our homepage in both SPSS and Excel format: Download example dataset