Create (Cross)Tables

Using the Calculo edition you can only create tables in an Excel workbook while using Intelligo you can create tables in the Workbook Pane in PowerPoint as well. There is no difference in functionality, it is exactly the same in Excel as it is in PowerPoint.

Import Data

In order to create tables, we first need to import raw survey data. The best format is SPSS 'sav' or Triple-S files which contain more information than e.g. Excel or CSV. OfficeReports can import SPSS 'sav' files even if you do not have SPSS installed. It is also possible to connect to your SurveyMonkey or Alchemer survey directly. You can read more about data import here.

Data Editor

After you have imported data we are ready to reorganize and create recodes in the Data Editor.

Create Tables

Having the variables in place, it is time to create tables.