The Report Builder

The Report Builder is only available when working in 'Reporting' Mode and demands an OfficeReports Automation license.

The Report Builder automatically creates automated report templates and can do that by creating presentations from scratch, by populating existing presentations or anything in between. All you have to do is tell the Report Builder which variables it has to use to populate the tables and charts on your PowerPoint slides. The Report Builder then generates the tables in Excel and automatically links them to the PowerPoint presentation. Below a picture of the UI of the Report Builder showing how it needs a table definition for each table and chart on the selected slide:

Note: The text box containing the base information in the top-right of the slide will be populated using 'Table 1' as well. That is why the text shape is indicated with a number 1 as well.


Before the Report Builder is capable of generating the tables you need and link them to the presentation, you need to supply the needed information. The first part is done when starting the Report Builder for the first time. You will be asked if you want to create new slides, and need your 'Slide Library' ready in that case. It is also very important to set all the default settings correct, this makes it possible to automatically generate the tables you need! Read more about the basic information the Report Builder needs:

1. The 'Initial Slides'

This is an optional presentation containing the front cover, the research method description and e.g. a slide containing the demographic information. In case we want to show significant difference using shapes in the presentation, these shapes have to be defined on Slide1. Read more about 'Significance Shapes in PowerPoint'.

2. The 'Slide Library'

This is a presentation containing all the different standard slides you are using. By giving specific shapes specific names we can tell the Report Builder what we want. In case we just have to populate an existing presentation, the 'Slide Library' is not used. Read more about the 'Slide Library'.


Having these 2 presentation in place, we need to define the right settings so the Report Builder generates the correct tables:

3. Report Settings

We have to set the Table Layout, the Filters and the Settings. Click here to see how we created the settings for our Report Builder Demo Report.

4. Default Table Settings

Settings like Sorting, Significance and Minimum Column Base are depending on the variables we use, so we have to define these settings by selecting the specific variables in the Variable Window and click 'Default Table Settings'. Click here to see how we created the settings for our Report Builder Demo Report.


Read more:


Download an example

Click here to Download the Report Builder Demo files.

Please create a new folder and unzip the downloaded zip-file in the new folder. Open the workbook 'ReportBuilderDemo.xlsx' and follow the instructions.