Report Builder Demo

We have created a small Report Builder Demo which you can download here: zipfile. Please create a new folder and unzip the file to the new folder. After unzipping you will have the following files:



We have defined the following settings:


1. Slide1 of the Report

We want to show significance shapes in the tables, so we need to define the shapes we want to use on Slide1. This is done by adding 2 shapes to slide 1: 'SigHigh' and 'SigLow' .After adding, we hide them. We use circles in this example. In case you want to use arrows, you have to define the placement of the arrows, since you do not want them on top of the number. Read more about 'Significance Shapes in PowerPoint'.


2. The 'Slide Library'

The shapes which have to contain the base information have name 'BaseText' and text 'Percentages, n=#'. The Report Builder will replace the '#' character with the table base.

The tables in which we want the mean information are called 'MeanTable_Sig', so the Report Builder knows we want the mean values in there together with shapes for indicating significance difference.

Read more about the 'Slide Library'.


3. Report Settings

In 'Report Filters', we have set the Report Filter to "2020", and since we are creating Bar Charts in this report and want to avoid overlapping data labels in the chart, we want to create tables not showing the '%' character. We do that by setting the Default Reporting Table Layout to 'OR Reporting (no %)':

The default 'Weighting' variable and text for 'dividing by zero' are defined in the 'Settings' window. Read more about the 'Report Settings'


4. Default Table Settings