Repetitive Reports


OfficeReports Automation Pro provides powerful features to automate the mass production of reports. Consider a PowerPoint report linked to an Excel Workbook as a template file. All tables, charts and shapes in the report are linked to ranges in the Excel file.

Now let us assume that we do not just have the one, but 800 Excel files, all with the same structure of worksheets, and ranges of data. Each Excel workbook has individual filters, i.e., and workbook #1 covers Outlet 1, workbook #800 covers Outlet 800. Each workbook contains data that we would like to populate into our PowerPoint template file, in order to create 800 individual PowerPoint presentations.

Assume that we have all 800 workbooks in one folder. Now from the PowerPoint template press ‘Repetitive Reports’, and select the folder where we find the 800 Excel Workbooks:

If we select all 800 reports in the list and press ‘OK’, OfficeReports will start producing all reports in one process.

Each PowerPoint report is named as the PowerPoint template, added the name of the Excel document.

This means, if the PowerPoint template is named ‘Brand A – Q2 2017’, then the first report will be named ‘Brand A – Q2 2017 – Outlet 1 – DE.pptx’.

All reports will be added to the same folder.


Save reports as PDF files

Add a checkmark ‘Also save as PDF’ and each report will also be saved as a PDF-file, added in the same folder.

Recommended workflow when mass producing reports

When starting a huge production of reports, we recommend closing other applications in order to assign all resources to the report production. In this example, each report production is estimated to take 38 seconds. This means that 800 reports are produced within less than 9 hours on one computer, or in approx. 2 hours if handled on 4 computers!


OfficeReports will constantly inform about the stage in the process as well as the estimated time left.