OfficeReports can link Excel ranges to shapes, just like you link them to tables and charts. In case you link a single cell, the shape will contain the text of the cell, and just like when linking to tables and charts, we can use the Excel cell background color, use images and icons etc. Have a look at what we can do with Tables, and try the same for Shapes. Here 2 examples of what we can do linking single Excel cells to a PowerPoint shape.


In case we link an Excel range containing multiple cells, than the Text in the shape will be the concatenated string of all the texts in the cells. From left to right we will concatenate the texts from the cells, each new cell resulting in a space character added to the string. If the range contains multiple rows, the next row will result in a 'newline' in the concatenated string. This is very handy when you have to reports base numbers in texts. Copy the texts to Excel and link to the base cells in the tables to create the Excel range containing the complete text. Here an example:

Linked to a (Text)shape we get: