Import/Export Slide Definitions

By clicking ’Import...’ you can import the table definitions for the slides. The workbook containing the table definitions needs the following format:

Explanation of the columns:

Slide #: Contains the sequence number of the slide. Multiple tables can be defined on a single slide.

Slide type: Contains the sequence number of the slide to use from the ‘Slide Library’. Can be omitted in case we populate an existing slide.

Stub: Variables contained in the stub. Multiple variables must be separated by a newline. (Alt-Enter)

Banner: Variables contained in the banner. Multiple variables must be separated by a newline. (Alt-Enter)

Cell: Numeric or Category Variable to be used as the cell summary in the table. The cells will then contain e.g. the Mean or the Top2 Box from the summary variable.

Type: Contains the type of the cell summary value for either cross-tables or grid-tables. Valid values are ‘Mean’, ‘Top2’ or ‘Bottom2’. ‘Mean’ is default and can be omitted.

Grand Total: ‘Yes’ in case the grand total should be shown.

Nested: ‘Yes’ in case the last banner variable should be used a ‘nested’ variable.

Filter: <not used yet>

Link: ‘No’ in case the table just should be created in Excel, but not be linked to PowerPoint. Use this if you have to combine multiple tables using a linked table before linking, or if the chart is too complex to do the linking automatically.

Chart Axis: If a stub is defined, the stub will be shown on the chart axis. To force the banner on the chart axis, write ‘Banner’ in this column.