View and Edit

We might need to check or edit data in OfficeReports.

  1. Press ‘View, Edit, Export’à’View, Edit’.

  2. In the window popping up select a variable to view and/or edit the data.

  3. OfficeReports gives an overview of the data columns (=variables) and rows (=cases/interviews/records):

  4. Right-click a column header – for example ‘Country’ and add a filter to the data view.

  5. Categorical variables can be filtered by ‘=’, ‘<>’, ‘<> Ø’ or ‘=Ø’, where ‘Ø’ means empty

  6. Numerical variables can be filtered by ‘=’, ‘<>’, ‘<’, ‘>’, ‘<=’, ‘>=’, ‘Ø’, <>Ø’

  7. You can sort the Numerical variables in descending or ascending order when we click the column header.

  8. You can reorganize the order of the variables. Left-click on a column header and drag it to another variable. Now these two variables are placed side by side.

  9. All original variables can be edited. Derived variables are based on formulas and cannot be edited.

  10. `Delete Case´ option (meaning all data for this specific record can be deleted). In order to save the changes made to any of the observations.

  11. Click `Close´ and the edits can be saved.


    Click the ‘X’-icon in the upper right corner instead of ‘Close’ the edits will not be saved.

    Derived variables can be viewed, NOT edited as they are all based on formulas.

Video: How to delete a case/interview/record