OfficeReports organizes data in variables. Video: Working with the variables - Introduction

Click the Variables icon in the OfficeReports menu and the following window display the variables. Here you can edit, reorganize and add new derived variables:

  1. On the left side, we can see the variables and different types of variables:








  1. To the right of each variable appears the number of observation. When expanding a categorical variable appears the number of observations per category.

  1. Show the variables as Numbers (#), Names (N), Text (T) or a combination.

    is the internal OfficeReports variable number

    is the Variable Name.

    is the Variable Text.

    Click the magnifier icon and you can search in the list of variables by Numbers, Names or Text.

  1. Using the arrow keys, we can change the order of the variables by moving them up and down the list (alternatively, instead of using the arrow keys, the shortcut keys ctrl+↑ or ctrl+↓).

  2. Select a variable and you can view and edit the name and the text.

We distinguish between two different kinds of variables:

  • Original variables (coloured red) which are based on imported data
  • Derived variables (coloured blue) which are based on formulas