Save as Template (Requires Analytics Pro)

Often the creator of a report will need to display the same kind of information over two different periods. For example, a company conducted a customer satisfaction survey in 2016. In 2017 the company has conducted the exact same survey with the same questions and response options. To save time, it would be very beneficial to use the report that was made in 2016, but replace the data in the tables and charts with the data from 2017. This is possible using the ‘Save as Report Template’ function.

After creating the report with its infographics; tables, charts, layout and text boxes, it is possible to save it as a template by clicking on `Save as Report Template´. The report is saved with the structures of tables and charts along with all other components, just without the data. To use this template, please open the template file and click on `Add Data´. After importing the new data, (which must have the exact same variables as the previous dataset, but with different results), all the charts and tables are filled with the new data automatically and the report has been updated.


For this function to work the new dataset needs to have the same variables as the old one (the variables need to have the same names and be of the same format as the previous variables). If this is not the case OfficeReports will fail when trying to fit the new data into the old tables and charts. Find information on how to add data in the section: Add data.