Repetitive Reports (Requires Analytics Pro)

In those cases where we want to use the created template for generating many similar reports, we can use the Repetitive Reports function. The Hierarch Filters define which reports can be generated, and you need to define Hierarchy Filters before you can use Repetitive Reports.

By e.g. defining ‘Country’ as Hierarchy1 and ‘Department’ as Hierarchy, we would be able to generate reports for each Department in each Country. We could then e.g. generate the reports Denmark-HR, Sweden-HR and Norway-HR, or we could just generate all possible combinations.

Video: Reporting Tracking Studies

Minimum number of observations for a report

Sometimes it is required a certain minimum of observations before a report should be produced. With OfficeReports you can do a minimum setting which means that we only produce reports when the number of observations related to the specific and actual report filter is at a certain minimum level.

Save as PDF

When producing all reports OfficeReports can add automatically an extra copy in PDF format.

  1. In PowerPoint, OfficeReports produce a PDF-based report containing all slides when a checkmark is added for ‘Also save as PDF’- The PDF file will be named similar to PowerPoint file.

  2. In Excel, OfficeReports will produce a PDF file when a checkmark is added for ‘Also save as PDF’. There will be generated a PDF file for each worksheet where the sheets names starts with ‘PDF’.