Merge Variables

You can merge Categorical Variables into derived variables:

  1. In the variable window press ‘New Variable’à’Merge Variables’.

  2. A window pops up where the categorical variables to be merged

Merging variables containing identical categories

When the two variables ‘Variable 1’ and ‘Variable 2’ contains identical categories – for example A, B and C, and the tow variables are merged OfficeReports will produce a new variable containing the categories A, B and C. Each of the categories is based on an ‘or’ condition/formula:

  • A: (Variable 1 = A or Variable 2 = A)
  • B: (Variable 1 = B or Variable 2 = B)
  • C: (Variable 1 = C or Variable 2 = C)

The merge of variables containing identical categories can as well be a merge of many variables

Merging variables containing categories which are not identical

When merging two or more variables containing not-identical categories – for example Variable 1 – ‘Male’/’Female’ and Variable 2 – ‘East’/’West’, then the new merged variable will contain the following categories – and related formulas:

  • ‘Male’ and ‘East’
  • ‘Male’ and ‘West’
  • ‘Female’ and ‘East’
  • ‘Female’ and ‘West’

The selected order matters, so if we first selected Variable 2 followed by Variable 1 this would have been the result:

  • ‘East’ and ‘Male’
  • ‘West’ and ‘Male’
  • ‘East’ and ‘Female’
  • ‘West’ and ‘Female’