OfficeReports always suggest a default layout as defined in Layout settings . You can overrule the layout for the individual tables by selecting one of the other layouts defined.

Title – frequency

For tables just containing one variable OfficeReports default add the variable text to a table. This can be overruled by adding an alternative title.

Title – cross

For tables containing two variables (variable and optional variable) there are a number of alternatives how to process a title:

For each table OfficeReports will display a default table layout type. The default layout type can be overruled by selecting an alternative type. Defaults and alternatives are defined in the Layout section.

The title can be:

  • Variable text

  • Optional variable text

  • Variable text x Optional variable text

  • Optional variable text x Variable text

  • User defined title

The default setting for the title is defined in the Layout section.

Hide the explanation of the numeric variable

For tables containing summary statistics of numeric variables OfficeReports default adds this information to the title. A click and this explanation can be hidden.