OfficeReports is an add-in for Microsoft Office®, which turns Microsoft Office into a complete data analysis and reporting suite for data. The add-in contains three products: OfficeReports Analytics, OfficeReports InfoGraphics and OfficeReports Automation.

OfficeReports Analytics enables you to add and analyze data and create tables, charts and full reports in Excel.

OfficeReports InfoGraphics enables you populate infographics in PowerPoint (tables, charts, shapes, images, text sections, etc.) based on data coming from Excel.

OfficeReports Automation includes all features from Analytics and InfoGraphics, and adds all relevant features to automate report productions based on report templates, from raw data to final presentations containing dynamic text sections and dynamic infographics linked to data.

In this document, the focus is on OfficeReports Analytics!

The OfficeReports Analytics menu adds functionality that makes it possible to add data and convert it into tables and charts directly in Excel without any use of external analytical tools.

Forget about exporting data to complex statistical tools when the primary need is getting an overview of crosstabs in Excel and reporting data as infographics in PowerPoint presentations. If your need is basic tables/charts in PowerPoint, you can even create them directly from within PowerPoint!

The OfficeReports Analytics menu in Excel:

Let us start with a short video that shows the basic process in adding data and transform it into tables in Excel: Getting started

The OfficeReports Team, 2018