Grid Tables based on Categorical Variables - Frequencies

First click on `Create Grid Table´ and press ‘Add’

Select four categorical variables – statements - that all use the same categories. Select and press ‘OK’ and the variables are displayed in the variable window.

In the Content tab adjust the content of the table. For frequency grid tables the values can be either:

  • Percentages

  • Observations

  • Top Box Percentage

  • Bottom Box Percentage

  • Correlation

Top and Bottom Box Percentage


Bottom and Top refers to the values of the categories, not the order! Top refers to the highest values(s), bottom to the lowest value(s).


Frequency grid tables can show the correlation between a group of variables and one other variable. In this example, we show the correlation between 4 variables and the variable ‘I am generally satisfied with my job.

The correlation maximum is ‘1’ and the minimum is ‘-1’. ‘1’ means that there is a complete positive correlation between the variables.