Find Groups by Name

When a dataset contains many variables, it can be quite a job to group variables. Fortunately, many datasets are structured by names, which enables OfficeReports to group the variables automatically in a number of cases! This typically saves the researcher for a tremendous amount of time. The feature ‘Find Groups by Name’ speed up the process and reduces the risk of manual errors.

Video: Group Variables - Find Group by Names

The test dataset contains 4 variables named:

  • ‘Course_101’ – text: ‘Outlook’
  • ‘Course_102’ – text: ‘Word’
  • ‘Course_103’ – text: ‘Excel’
  • ‘Course_104’ – text: ‘PowerPoint’

Each variable contains the categories: ‘0’ and ‘1’.

Given this structure, OfficeReports will in the import of data automatically produce a Group Variable ‘Couse’ containing the categories:

  • Outlook
  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Missing

At the same time, OfficeReports will hide the original variable, which defines the group. If you need these, please use the feature ‘Unhide’