Under the `Filter´ tab, filters can be applied to individual tables based on one variable. For example, filtering for `Male´ will exclude all female responses from the table. For filtering the entire report, see the Report Filter section.

Any category can be used as a filter. If the relevant filter is not available as a category yet please define a new derived categorical variable. Read more in the Derived Variables section.

If a chart includes a category that has been filtered out, the name of the category is still displayed, unless a ‘Do not show’ definition is added in ‘Content’.

Add a filter declaration to title in charts

When defining a filter to a table we can optionally add the filter declaration to the title in the chart.

Ignoring filters

Under the ‘Filter’ tab there is an option to overrule filters defined on a ‘higher’ level. This could be:

  • Report Filter

  • Filters defined for producing repetitive reports

Example: when a general report filter includes observations where ‘Department’ = ‘Sales’ and we need to overrule this filter on just one or two tables in the report this can be ignored by the general filter.