Under the `Filter´ tab, filters can be applied to individual tables based on a variable. For example, filtering for `Finance, ‘HR’ and ’Marketing’ will exclude ‘R&D and ‘Sales’ responses from the table.

If you need a filter based on multiple variables, just create a derived variable first.

For filtering, entire reports, see the Report Filter section.

Any category from any categorical variable can be used as a filter, even if it is a derived variable.

If a table includes a category that has been filtered out, the name of the category is still displayed but the number of observations or responses will (naturally) be zero.

Before filtering:

After filtering:

In order, not to display a category that has been filtered out from the table, check the option `Do not show´ under the `Options´ tab.

This function is also useful when mass producing reports as it only displays the relevant information in each report.