Derived Variables

To create the tables and charts we need, we usually need to ‘recode’ the variables. In OfficeReports this is done by creating derived variables. OfficeReports has standard functionality to merge and group categorical variables, to create periods from date variables and to create intervals from numeric variables. Besides that, you can create just the variables you want by using ‘Formulas’ to specify the observations for specific categories.

In this section, we will describe how to produce these derived variables by using the formula editor or some of the short cuts to produce the derived variables we will need for the reporting:

  • Derived Categorical Variable based on a numeric variable

  • Derived categorical variable based on a text variable

  • Derived Categorical Variable based on a date variable

  • Derived Aggregate Variable based on categorical variables

  • Copy Variable(s)

  • Merge Variables

  • Group Variables

  • New Variable based on formula editor

This short video introduces some of the options: Creating New Variables