Derived Categorical Variables based on text variables

Sometimes it is useful to organize open text into categories in order to work with the data quantitatively. If this does not require an advanced coding of the open-ended text OfficeReports can easily organize the open-ended text into categories:

  1. Locate the text variable (in our case ‘Comment’). Click on it and to the right and choose ‘Create Categories:

  1. A new variable will now appear in the tree-structure with a blue icon containing as many categories as we have unique texts in the original numerical variable.


OfficeReports only looks at the first 256 characters to decide if a text is ‘unique’..

After having the open-ended texts organized into categories OfficeReports can produce a simple categorization of the open-ended text by using the features (‘Categories’à’Merge Categories’) and (‘Categories’à’Create NET’)