Cross Table

Banner variables divide or split the primary variable into different segments. It can be helpful, for example, to show the answers of a certain group of respondents. In our example, it could be helpful to know if there are any differences in the answers of respondents from different department. An unlimited number of background variables can be added – using the ‘Add’-button.

In the pane you will find a number of settings for the cross table:

  1. Choose Observations, Percentages, or both.

  2. The percentage type selected will determine how the percentages are calculated. See next page for examples of each case:

  3. It is possible not to display the values ​​of 0-cells, as well as rows and columns, wherein the base is less than X.

  4. It is possible to show a variety of different information in the cross table. Each statistical l measurement is based on either the rows, or the columns.