Charts can be designed in a variety of ways and in this section, we will explain how to create them in OfficeReports.

OfficeReports Analytics can produce charts directly in Excel and PowerPoint. In Excel OfficeReports uses the default Excel chart style, and charts can be edited according to the standard chart features available in Excel. In PowerPoint the chart style, by default, is defined by OfficeReports and you can work with all the chart features available in the OfficeReports General Layout module. You can edit the chart according to all the chart features available in Microsoft Office.

OfficeReports produces native Excel and PowerPoint charts, which can also be viewed and edited without having OfficeReports installed. Even though it is possible to create charts directly in PowerPoint, we recommend using Analytics in Excel to create tables, and then use OfficeReports InfoGraphics to link data ranges in Excel to PowerPoint charts.

If we like to change the layout of a specific chart we can customize it - or if we want an alternative default chart layout Customizing the chart layout in the section Layout .