Add Data

With OfficeReports Analytics menu in place, you are ready to add data from a number of different sources. The imported data will be saved into an OfficeReports database, which will have the same name as the file you are working with, and with extension ‘.db’ added to that.

As soon as you click the OfficeReports menu in Excel the ‘Import Data’ window pops up, and you are ready to add data to your Excel workbook.

At all times, it is possible to click the ‘Add Data’ menu to import data, and import from different sources:

  • SPSS (sav-files)
  • Excel (xlsx)
  • CSV files
  • Triple-S (xml, sss-files)
  • SurveyMonkey (integration based on SurveyMonkey API)
  • SurveyGizmo (integrated based on SurveyGizmo API)
  • OfficeReports database (db, accdb (old), OfficeReports database files)

Let us briefly review data imports from each of these formats: